JES Pipelines is an independent company specialized in the provision of Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) services and related NDE on pipeline welds in new built  pipelines around the world on a project basis.

JES Pipelines is happy to announce that it has added a professional AUT Equipment rental service. The rental service is accompanied by Technical Support and Training which are organized to be given online where needed.

Onshore and Offshore:

  • Gas pipelines
  • Oil pipelines
  • Slurry pipelines
  • Water pipelines
  • Product pipelines


Our difference is our focus on our Clients needs by providing Customised State of the Art technology.

Henk van Dijk at work.JES Pipelines office Heijplaat RotterdamAt work. Office Rayong,ThailandJES Pipelines Office Rayong ThailandJes Pipelines equipment


“The only source of knowledge is experience”- Albert Einstein

Having extensive experience in executing AUT projects since 1989 and with intimate knowledge and involvement in the development of the world’s first AUT technology, JES Pipelines is well placed to offer the very best in AUT services to its esteemed clients.

Our field teams are made up of highly trained, highly motivated people from around the world committed to delivering a service that is efficient, reliable and productive while minimizing risk to people and the environment.  Field activities are supported with state of the art equipment and technical support from our workshop in Thailand.

Ed van Huuksloot JES Pipelines

Ed van Huuksloot

Henk van Dijk JES Pipelines

Henk van Dijk

 We believe in the following core values:

  • Apply industry Best practices.
  • On-going R&D.
  • Hire exceptional people.
  • Continual support and development of expertise

Fuengirola, Spain
Administrative Support/Soporte Administrativo

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Sales Center/Centro de ventas

Central Office and Workshops; Operating Center/Oficina central y tallere; Centro Operativo

Holding Company

Jakarta, Indonesia
Sales Center/Centro de Ventas

Melbourne, Australia
Sales center/Centro de Ventas

Santiago, Chile
Operating Center/Centro Operativo

Istanbul, Turkey
Sales Centre/Centro de Ventas

Vernon, BC Canada
Sales Center/Centro de Ventas

Nevada, USA
Operating Center/Centro Operativo



Jes Pipelines world presence:


  • Australia: Melbourne – Sales Center
  • Canada: Vernon – Sales Center
  • Chile: Santiago – Operating Center
  • Indonesia: Jakarta – Sales Center
  • Netherlands: Rotterdam – Sales Center
  • Singapore – Holding Company
  • Spain : Fuengirola – Administrative Support
  • Thailand: Rayong – Central Office and Workshops; Operating Center
  • Turkey: Istanbul – Sales Center
  • USA: Nevada – Operating Center

JES worked successfully on pipelines onshore and offshore in Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East.




QHSE cert - PAS 99 Integrated Management System


QHSE cert - ISO 14001 Environment

QHSE cert - OHSAS 18001 Safety

Quality Assurance, Health, Safety and Environment are corner stones of the JES Pipelines philosophy.

We shall continue to be unrelenting in our commitment to quality, health, safety and the environment in all of our activities. Having dedicated personnel to oversee the on-going development and training of our QHSE strategies and programs has fostered a sense of responsibility and accountability at each level of the organisation and all employees are committed to assisting the company in attaining these standards as stated.

Our policy:

  • Ensure that Company activities protect and do not harm the Environment, including the prevention of pollution.
  • Prevent injuries and illnesses to all Company personnel with a target of zero incidents and accidents.
  • Comply with International Standards as provided for in our QHSE Management System.
  • Comply with all legal and other requirements applicable to the Company wherever it may be operating in the World.
  • Strive for continuous improvement in performance, underpinned by the necessary financial resources through the education, training and motivation of employees to conduct their activities in a professional and responsible manner.
  • Provide services which fully satisfy the requirements of our Customers.
  • Conduct formal reviews and audits of JES activities to ensure compliance with Procedures, Regulations and Standards for all parts of the business, and report the results to the Board of Directors.
  • Manage QHSE effectively through the continual improvement of our QHSE Management System.
  • Commit to independence and impartiality in our dealings with customers, vendors, suppliers and partners. We maintain a presence of objectivity, independence, neutrality and freedom from conflict of interest. All our personnel are aware of their duties and responsibilities and the requirement for impartiality is to be maintained at all times so as to ensure possible conflicts of interests do not arise.
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of our customers, vendors, suppliers, employees and partners. All information disclosed and indicated as confidential will be kept as such and not revealed to third parties.
  • Not take part and prohibit its employees from participating in acts of bribery, corruption, money laundering and terrorism and comply with trade sanction laws.
  • Recognize that alcohol and drug abuse related problems are an area of health and social concern and that staff may not bring or consume alcohol or any unlawful drugs in the workplace during work time or during a period prior to work where the effects may carry over to the workplace.

JES Pipelines is proud to announce that it achieved accreditation in ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Pressure Vessels and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Non-Destructive Testing.

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